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Bella & Dani Share the Fucking Machine

Bella & Dani, are a couple of gorgeous transexual temptresses, with passable, model looks, killer bodies, and hefty pink cigars. They begin this mutual masturbation scene, by playfully kissing and caressing each other, until Bella, invites Dani, to suck the huge silicon prick, of the Fuck 6000, our mechanical fucking machine, which they both have fun with, as the 6000, steadily fucks thier mouths. Turning it up a notch, Bella, positions the 6000, to fire it’s faux prick, into Dani’s gorgeous ass, as she kneels in doggie, moaning euphorically, as she revels, in it’s unrelenting thrusts. Flipping onto her back, she frantically jerks off her massive meat stick, as the 6000, resolutely drills it’s dick into her, as she moans and cries out, in libidinous exultation, while Bella, kisses and fondles her. Then, it is Bella’s turn, to get her ass pounded, by the 6000, in doggie, as she frenetically strokes her joy stick, moaning and wailing, in whorish rapture. The 6000, continues, to drive it’s stout shaft into her ass, as she lies on her back, jerking off, her steely shaft, moaning and yelping, in sluttish jubilation. Bella, then stands up, to fill Dani’s mouth, with her joy juice, then Dani, does the same, shoving her monster cock, into Bella’s mouth, until it spews her sweet nectar, leaving them both satisfied, with thier gooey mouthfuls.

Release date: Oct 16, 2018 Length: 22 Minutes Pics: 165