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Finally Bella's Asshole is Stretched Out DAP

Bella’s a very passable, alluring, blonde transsexual temptress, who is sucking a dildo, while dreaming, of the real thing, when two strapping, ebony and ivory studs appear, one licking her asshole, as she sensually sucks the other’s coal black, horse cock, with whorish epicurean relish, and adept oral artistry. Turning around in doggie, she greedily sucks the other, while moaning euphorically, as the black stud licks her ass. Lying down, she ardently fucks one stud’s mouth, as he earnestly sucks her joy stick, eliciting her elated moans. Then, lying on her side, she gluttonously sucks a big, black dick, while the other stud frenetically fucks her bareback, as she moans and cries out, in hedonistic exultation. Stretching her sphincter, to the max, they squeeze their titanic tools, into her ass, for a torrid reverse cowgirl DAP, as she bellows and balls, in lecherous jubilation. Reveling in their double drilling, she luxuriates in a cowgirl DAP, that sends her, into a moaning, squealing, dick drunk delirium. Once in doggie, she ravenously sucks an ivory prick, while the ebony one, is barbarically pounded, into her ass, releasing her unchained, moans and yelps, of primordial passion, until he gives her a cream pie, then is replaced, by the other stud, who deposits his own cream pie, that she squirts out, before she frenetically jerks off, spewing her joy juice, all over her leg. Then, she returns, to where we started, as she realizes, that this was all, one of her lewd fantasies.

Release date: Apr 5, 2019 Length: 40 Minutes Pics: 338