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Heavy Masturbating

Bella, is a gorgeous, tall, statuesque, ravishing, blonde, tattooed transexual, with very passable runway model looks. She could easily be mistaken for a Victoria Secret’s model, except for her lovely pink cigar. Bella begins this solo masturbation scene, by sensually fondling herself, while seductively stripping, until she is lying naked on the bed, finger fucking her sweet asshole. Grabbing a huge dildo, she sucks it, and slaps her ass with it, while jerking off, before humping the bed, showcasing her sublime ass muscles flexing, as her cock rubs against the bed. She then shoves her hard cock into an artificial pussy sleeve, sliding it on and off, her rock hard, steely shaft, while moaning ecstatically. Laying back she fucks her ass with the dildo, while jerking off, with a silicon pussy sleeve, working herself up into a moaning, wailing, sluttish frenzy. Moving into doggie, she continues to stroke her love rocket, while fucking her ass, with a humongous horse cock dildo, as the cameraman covers it from every angle, including shooting off the mirrored ceiling, for a breath taking display. She then lays on her back, focusing on using the pussy sleeve, to stroke her stoney jumbo sized Johnson, while she moans and cries out in sluttish jubilation. Setting the pussy sleeve aside, she uses her hand to frenetically jerk off, with eyes closed, lost in some perverse fantasy, moaning in whorish rapture, as she explodes, in a volcanic orgasm, spewing her joy juice all over her thigh.

Release date: May 29, 2018 Length: 25 Minutes Pics: 163