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Lick My Asshole Before You Fuck Me

Bella’s a beautiful, tall, toned, tanned, tattooed, blond transsexual seductress who’s built like the proverbial brick shithouse. In this fantasy scene, her costar pretends to have stalked her, breaking into her home to have his way with her. While she feigns resistance at first, pretending to struggle against his dominating amorous advances, her fiery passions soon get the better of her, with her wrists tied together as he earnestly sucks her wonder wang. She’s soon ravenously sucking his stout shaft with impassioned zeal, shoving every stony inch down her gullet balls-deep. Laying her on her side, he brutishly drills his beefy battering ram into her ass, making her moan and wail in orgiastic exultation. Rolling her on her back, he continues his anal penetration, barbarously plowing his meat stick into her with fiery fervor while she moans and howls in hedonistic jubilation. After greedily sucking her ass juice from his dork, she mounts his fuck-pole in reverse cowgirl, frenetically jerking off her joystick while zealously humping him as he fiercely fires his prick into her and she moans and squeals in whorish rapture. Once she’s in doggie, he barbarously slams his beef baton into her as she throws her ass back onto his cock, moaning and yelping like the real bitch-in-heat that she is until he leaves a monstrous creampie in her ass that slowly oozes out in great white river of goo. Her errant stud leaves her hogtied, licking her lips in sluttish satisfaction.

Release date: Jan 12, 2018 Length: 34 Minutes Pics: 457