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Getting Off 101

Barbara is a ravishing, passable, blonde transsexual, with a luscious, firm, fit, womanly body, and a delicious savory sausage. She begins this solo masturbation scene, sensually undressing, while fondling her amorous assets, until she is naked, stroking her beefy tongue depressor. To excite herself further, she demonstrates her oral expertise on a large dildo, while continuing to jack off, which gets her cock hard enough, to break bricks with. After some more frenetic jerking off, while moaning elatedly, she impales her ass, onto the dildo, wantonly bouncing onto it, in a squatting reverse cowgirl, while moaning ecstatically. Sitting in a chair, with one leg pushed back behind her shoulder, she furiously jacks off, while working the faux prick into her ass, which contorts her face, into the agony of ecstasy, as she moans passionately, surfing the waves of lust, rushing through her, until he erupts, in a spectacular, toe curling, lip biting, explosive orgasm, that leaves her belly covered in cum, while she basks in the afterglow, of her orgiastic release.

Release date: Apr 2, 2019 Length: 20 Minutes Pics: 133