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Being Fucked by a Machine

Barbara is a tall, blonde, statuesque, transsexual goddess with a toned, sculpted, womanly body and a tasty piece of cock candy. Apparently a vegetarian, she begins this solo masturbation scene sucking a huge carrot while playfully fondling herself with lettuce, but once she reveals her wonder wang, her attention turns to stroking her savory sausage until it’s rock hard. Kneeling at her feet, the cameraman lets us imagine that we’re also kneeling before her, begging to suck her horse cock inches from our mouths as she teases us with it. Laying back, she decides to fuck her ass with a carrot, moaning euphorically as she continues to jerk off her titanic tool. Tired of veggies, she brings out the Fuck 6000, our mechanical fucking machine, first demonstrating her oral prowess by sucking its silicon prick and then having it relentlessly thrust its massive faux pecker up her ass in standing doggie as she twerks her ass back onto it, moaning ecstatically. She continues having the 6000 tenaciously pound her ass as she lies on her back, frenetically jerking off her joystick, moaning and wailing in orgiastic exultation until her towering tool erupts, sending a stream of sweet sauce spewing all over her belly in a breathtaking, intense, screaming, all-consuming orgasm.

Release date: Mar 27, 2018 Length: 21 Minutes Pics: 172