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She Has A Pretty Big Dick

Alicia's a tall, svelte, seductive, raven haired, transsexual temptress, with a massive meat stick. She begins this solo masturbation scene, by sensually undressing, but has difficult getting her panties off, when they get stuck on her steely shaft, which is hard enough to break bricks with. Once naked, she sits down, sensually stroking her humongous pleasure pole, while fingering her ass hole, and moaning ecstatically. After moving into doggie, she fingers her asshole, while continuing to stroke her horse cock, then she grabs a huge dildo, and sucks it sweetly, to get it nice and wet, before sitting on it, in reverse cowgirl, exuberantly bouncing on it, with some impressive leg strength, moaning euphorically, while jacking off, her massive meat missile. She then moves into doggie, fiercely fucking her ass, while stroking her cock, catapulting herself, to the heights of lascivious ardor. Then she lies on her back, with her legs spread wide, continuing her anal assault on herself, while jerking off her mondo joy stick, with impassioned zeal, lost in a moaning intoxicated dick drunk delirium. For the finale, she sits up, frenetically jacking off her titanic tool, with savage fury, until she explodes in a spectacular orgasm, spewing her joy juice all over her thigh, then wickedly sucking her cum, from her fingers, with a lecherous smile.

Release date: Jan 29, 2019 Length: 21 Minutes Pics: 126