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Fucking Around with the Fucking Machine

Alice is a tall, sexy, slender, raven haired, tantalizing, transsexual temptress, with a hefty pink cigar. She begins our scene, with a teasing strip, while playing with a large dildo, then fucking her tight ass with it, as she strokes her scrumptious savory sausage. Her boy toy enters to take over dildo duties, while earnestly licking her asshole, and stroking her joy stick, while she moans euphorically, before he directs our Fuck 6000 mechanical, piston driven, fucking machine, to steadily plunge it’s indefatigable faux prick into her ass, in doggie, while she sucks on the other dildo, like a big pacifier, moaning ecstatically. Our svelte, sexual siren, lies on her side, while the 6000 continues. to plow it’s silicon cock into her ass with resolute resolve, as she moans and cries out, in sluttish exultation, while she alternates stroking her friends hard cock, and her own. Once they move into a tasty 69, to satisfy thier mutual oral yearnings, she has the 6000 fervidly fuck him, so that he may share in the exquisite bliss that it can deliver. For the finale, she frenetically jerks off her steely shaft, then when ready, fucks his mouth, as she fills it, with a load of her creamy cum, that drips down his chin, while she jerks off, all over his belly, leaving him a satisfied glazed cum receptacle.

Release date: Jan 1, 2019 Length: 27 Minutes Pics: 101