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Left to Her Own Devices

Sara is a stunning, fair skinned, tattooed, extremely passable transsexual, so much so that I first thought that I was looking at the wrong video. Granted she does look like a slut with great legs, jet black hair, firm round ass, sultry eyes, and lips that were made to suck cock, but until she got undressed, I thought she was all woman, but boy was I wrong. She starts off slowly, teasingly, undressing and caressing herself before moving on to self-pleasuring her dangling participle. She coyly conceals her secret attraction until she is in a Jacuzzi. Then, having gotten rock hard, she rises out of the water to reveal her gorgeous wonder wang. The cameraman acts as if the camera was his tongue caressing every inch of this perverse Goddess, from every angle, as she strokes her mouthwateringly rigid rod standing, laying down, and in every position imaginable. We also offer a large dildo to wrap her whorish lips around before sliding it up her hungry asshole to further fuel her ecstatic rush of sybaritic pleasure. Finally, unable to hold back any longer, she unleashes a gusher of her sweet nectar, while the cameraman captures the action kneeling at her feet so we might imagine what it would be like to be there with her as she explodes in hedonistic self-indulgent fulfillment.

Release date: Dec 2, 2016 Length: 24 Minutes Pics: 209