Mechanical Suck 'n' Fuck

Rafaella Ferraz May 3, 2022

Rafaella’s an exquisite, tall, lissome, tattooed, dark haired, towering, transsexual temptress, with small, natural breasts, and big, meaty, salami. Sitting on a bar stool, she pulls out her beefy, joy stick, and begins vigorously stroking it, with impassioned ardor, while moaning elatedly. With her fuse lit, she sensually savors sucking the gargantuan, silicon cock of the Fuck 6000, which is a marvel of engineering, a one and a half demonpower, piston-driven fucking machine. Reveling in sluttish rapture, she relishes the 6000 steadily fucking her pretty mouth, as she groans elatedly. Longing for more, she has the 6000 steadily drive its steadfast faux-cock into her ass, as she bends over in standing doggie, moaning and crying out, in orgiastic exultation. Then, she lays back on the bar stool, with her long, lean, legs spread wide, moaning and wailing, in decadent jubilation, while firmly stroking her rock hard, magic wand, as the 6000 resolutely drives its phallic chimera deep into her cavern of decadent desires. Finally, she explodes in an all consuming, gut-wrenching, screaming orgasm, which leaves her covered in cum, luxuriating in the delicious, sweet, sticky afterglow.

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