Vitoria Asshole is Plugged

Vitoria Neves Apr 9, 2019

Vitoria is a gorgeous, vivacious, youthful, passable, blonde, tattooed transsexual vixen, with a luscious body, and scrumptious beefy tongue depressor. She begins this solo masturbation scene, flaunting her carnal assets, in a tantalizing strip, before firmly, stroking her rock hard, savory sausage, while sucking the faux prick, of the Fuck 6000, our mechanical marvel, a piston driven fuck machine. She looks absolutely heavenly standing before us, defiantly stroking her succulent, beef baton. Moving into doggie, she determinedly works the dildo into her divine ass, with resolute resolve. She then, continues her anal exploration, while laying on her back, on the lounge, with her legs spread wide, while continuing to stroke her tasty cock. Returning the dildo, to the Fuck 6000, she first has it, slowly fuck her mouth, with it’s faux prick, to arouse her sluttish yearning, before turning around, to have it steadily pound it’s colossal cock, into her sublime ass, in standing doggie, as she moans and yelps ecstatically, twerking her ass back onto it, in wanton jubilation. She then lies back on the lounge, with her legs spread wide, as the 6000 potently plows it’s indefatigable, monster cock, into her ass, while she frenetically jerks off her tasty treat, while smiling wickedly, into the camera, until she erupts, in a glorious, soul wrenching orgasm, spewing her joy juice all over herself.

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