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Dark Beauty Masturbates

Rayra’s a luscious looking, raven haired, transsexual vixen, with golden brown skin, and a beautiful, passable, womanly body and face, looking somewhat like, an exotic island beauty, who has stepped out of, one of Gauguin’s masterpieces, except for, the addition of her scrumptious cock. She begins this solo masturbation scene, with a slow, sensual strip, as she fondles her ravishing body, then delights in stroking her rock hard, beef baton, while kneeling on the bed, and in doggie, as she shows off her marvelous, firm, round ass. She continues whacking off, while sucking a huge dildo, and then, fucking herself in doggie, while moaning, with sluttish euphoria. Moving on, to the Fuck 6000, our mechanical piston driven fuck machine, she crouches in doggie, as it slowly fucks her mouth, with it’s massive silicon prick, fanning the flames, of her smoldering passions, into a raging inferno. When she turns around, the 6000 diligently drill it’s faux prick, into her ass, with resolute resolve, while she jerks off, moaning and yelping, like a whore in heat, wantonly thrusting her ass back onto it. Then, laying on her back, with her legs spread, she continues jacking off, moaning and sighing, with impassioned ardor, as the 6000 assiduously plows it’s inexhaustible dick, into her ass, with persevering pleasure. Unable to tell, if she is coming or going, she turns off the 6000, as she frenetically jerks off her pleasure pole, until it erupts a gusher of her sweet goo, in a glorious orgasm.

Release date: Feb 19, 2019 Length: 21 Minutes Pics: 137