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Cumming With A Sex machine

Janaina’s a tall, lusty, brunette transsexual, with a womanly T&A body, and a scrumptious, savory sausage, who makes wearing glasses look sexy. After a slow, sensual strip, she sit down, to revel in stroking her beefy tongue depressor, that is hard enough, to break bricks with, obviously enthralled, with using her wondrous whang. She then, grabs a dildo to suck, while she continues jacking off, and moaning elatedly. Then she squats on this faux cock, in reverse cowgirl, displaying impressive leg strength, before lying back, to seductively fuck herself, in earnest. Wanting more, she has our mechanical marvel the Fuck 6000, a piston driven fucking machine, slowly fuck her mouth, while she whacks off, moaning euphorically, lost in some hedonistic seventh heaven. Being a depraved slut, she bends over a table, moaning and crying out, in lecherous exultation, as the 6000 relentlessly thrusts it’s dauntless dong, into her fine, firm, round ass, in standing doggie. Lost in lust, she cranks up the power, to have the 6000 furiously pile drive it’s huge dildo, deep into her ass, hard and fast, as she moans and wails, in sluttish jubilation. Laying back on the chair, as the 6000 continues it’s anal assault, she enthusiastically jacks off, moaning and sighing, in whorish rapture, until she explodes, in an awesome, volcanic orgasm, spewing joy juice, all over her hand, and cock, which she proves is finger licking good, licking her gooey goodness, from her fingers.

Release date: Feb 12, 2019 Length: 20 Minutes Pics: 142