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Big Dicked Yasmin And The Fuck Machine

Yasmine is a scintillating, tall, bewitching, raven haired transsexual siren, with model looks, toned body, and an OMG sized, humongous, horse cock. Dressed in a cute, leopard print bikini outfit, complete with a tail, and cat ears, she playfully strips, while shaking her money maker, for the camera, and making her pink little asshole, wink at the camera. Once she is naked, sitting on the bed, she frenetically strokes her colossal cock, until it is pulsing, with pleasure. She then, grabs a large dildo, to sensually suck, while continuing to jerk off, to fan the flames of her smoldering passions, into a raging inferno. Hungry for more, she has our Fuck 6000, mechanical fucking machine, slowly fuck her mouth, with it’s faux prick, which really seems to delight her, making her anaconda of lust, grow even harder. Then she stands up, so that the 6000 can plunge it’s relentless, piston driven, silicon prick, into her perfect, Brazilian ass, in standing doggie, as she moans euphorically. Lying down on the bed, she revels, in the 6000’s indefatigable, anal assault, as it steadily drives it’s huge cock into her, while she frantically jerks off her ginormous, dinosaur dick, with fiery fervor, moaning and sighing, in a lust filled rapture, until she explodes, with a volcanic, screaming, body convulsing orgasm, spewing her sweet ambrosia, all over herself.

Release date: Feb 5, 2019 Length: 21 Minutes Pics: 183