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She Put Her Fat Dick in His Ass

Roberta, is a scintillating, passable, tattooed, transexual wonderment, with a huge, fat cock, that she really, REALLY loves to use, as evidenced, by her face, contorting into the agony of ecstasy, as she does. Posing seductively on a bed, for a photo shoot, she looks to good, for the cameraman, to stay behind the camera, so joining her, he worshipfully, luxuriates in sucking her humongous, wondrous whang, as she dominantly shoves it, balls deep down his throat, relishing assertively face fucking him, as he happily submits, to become her bitch. Laying him flat, on his stomach, she begins sensually plowing her horse cock, into his ass, but once he has opened up, her ferociously, frenzied fucking take over, pummeling his ass, with savage fury, as he moans ecstatically. Perching him on her magnificent monster cock, in reverse cowboy, she fiercely thrust her stout meat missile into him, launching him, into the stratosphere of moaning, sexual euphoria. She continues, barbarically ravaging his ass in spoon, as she revels, in brutishly drilling her donkey dick into him, with fiery fervor, as she fucks him senseless. Once in doggie, she barbarously pile drives, her colossal cock, into his ass, with supremely authoritative gusto, until she pulls out, to allow him the honor, of savoring her sweet ambrosia, with slavish devotion. Then, being magnanimous, she allows him the privilege of squatting on her still rock hard prick, as he frantically jerks off, squirting his jism, all over her belly.

Release date: Sep 28, 2018 Length: 28 Minutes Pics: 334