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She's Seriously Getting Her Dick Up His Ass

Nicolly, is a sultry, sexually aggressive, tattooed, raven haired, transsexual goddess, who knows what she wants, and takes it. Ripping off her stud’s pants, to free his humongous cock, she proceeds, to give him an enviable blow job, a true maestro of the oral arts. With her man aroused, she brutishly plows her potent prick, into his ass bareback, like some Amazon Warrior Queen, ravaging her captive, as she make him her bitch, while he sits, in a chair, with his legs in the air. After having him, savor sucking his ass juice, from her dork, as she stands majestically, before him, she truly delights, in brutishly slamming, her powerful prick, into his ass, in doggie, as he kneels on the chair, moaning euphorically. She then, puts him, in standing doggie, lifting one leg over her shoulder, as she pile drives her steely shaft, into him, with a dominant fixation, and determination. Having him lie flat on his belly, straddling the rounded wooden bed frame, she continues, her anal assault, vehemently pummeling his ass, driving him, into a moaning, dick drunk delirium. Laying him on the bed, in missionary, she barbarously drills, her meat saber, into his ass assertively, as he jerks off, his huge prick, triggering his orgasmic explosion, that send a geyser of goo, all over his belly. Then, she assertively fucks his mouth, filling it, with a hefty load of joy juice, that seeps, from his lips.

Release date: Sep 7, 2018 Length: 25 Minutes Pics: 280