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Newbie and the Fuck Machine

Mayna, is a beautiful, tall, svelte, passable, brunette transsexual, with natural tits, and thick, full cock sucking lips. She begins, this solo masturbation scene, with a slow sensual striptease, fondling her luscious body, as more of it is revealed, then she removes the silicon prick, from the Fuck 6000, our mechanical fucking machine, and sucks it, like a true connoisseur of cock, relishing the feel of it, in her mouth. Once, it has been lubed, with her saliva, she luxuriates, in fucking her asshole with it, in reverse cowgirl, and while lying on her back, as she moans and groans, euphorically. She then, reattaches the faux cock, to the 6000, having our mechanical marvel, slowly fuck her mouth, as she savors sucking her ass juice, from it’s dork, before getting into doggie, as it relentlessly thrusts it’s cock into her ass, with resolute resolve, while she moans ecstatically. Flipping onto her back, with her legs spread wide, she strokes her wonder whang, as the 6000, continues drilling it’s large, silicon dick, into her ass, while she moans, in hedonistic rapture, until she finally erupts, in orgasmic splendor, spewing her delicious joy juice, all over her thigh.

Release date: Sep 4, 2018 Length: 20 Minutes Pics: 150