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I Have an Extra Large Dick

Adriana’s an alluring, tall, statuesque, brunette transsexual Goddess, who may be, the 8th Wonder of the World, with a jaw dropping, ginormous dinosaur dick. She begins, this solo masturbation scene, with a slow, sensual striptease, as she fondles and flaunts her amorous assets, looking every bit a sexy, sultry woman, but when she begins to stroke her humongous horse cock, with the camera shooting up, as if, we were kneeling before her, is not only a mouth watering experience, but a hypnotic one as well, as gazing upon her awe inspiring, monster cock, is a truly mesmerizing experience. She continues stroking her dauntless dong, while sucking the faux prick, of our piston driven, mechanical fucking machine, as it slowly fucks her mouth. Then, continuing to stroke her colossal cock, while bent over, in a standing doggie, she has our fuck machine, relentlessly thrust it’s prick, into her sublime, firm, round ass, that is the envy of every woman on the planet, as she moans euphorically. After sucking her ass juice from it’s dingus, she lies on her back, with her legs spread wide, as the machine steadily drills her ass, while she strokes her stupendous donkey dick, moaning with hedonistic joy. OMG, she finishes off, frantically jerking off, her elephantine, peerless pecker, until the most powerful transsexual orgasm that I have ever witnessed erupts, spewing a gallons of goo, all over herself. Covered with goo, she gives us the most wonderfully wicked smile, as we fade to black.

Release date: Aug 28, 2018 Length: 21 Minutes Pics: 141