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Stroke Her Before Getting Your Ass Fucked

Crystal, is a tall, sultry, hot blooded, brunette, tattooed, transexual wonder. After leading her man into the bedroom, she rips off his pants to devour his dick, ravenously sucking his potent prick, with wolfish hunger, and whorish gusto. With her in doggie, he reciprocates, by licking and fingering her asshole, then rolling her over onto her back, as he savors sucking her humongous horse cock, and having her face fuck him, with assertive relish. With her passions set ablaze, she vehemently plows her titanic tool, into his ass bareback, in missionary, making him moan ecstatically, as he takes it like a man. After he sucks his ass juice, from her dingus, she brutishly pounds her ginormous dinosaur dick, into his ass, with savage fury, totally getting off on making him her slut, as he grinds his ass back onto her like a bitch in heat. Pushing him down flat on his stomach, she barbarically pile drives her monster cock, up his bung hole, with fiery fervor, making him moan deliriously, as she fucks him senseless. Continuing to pummel his ass in spoon, she barbarously drills her donkey dick into him, with zealous ardor, driving him into a moaning dick drunk revelry. Returning to missionary, she fanatically slams her colossal cock into him, as he frenetically jerks off, moaning incoherently, as his sphincter is stretched to it’s limit, until he spews cum all over himself. She then pulls out, furiously jerking off, to unleash a geyser of goo all over his chest, in a monstrous orgasm.

Release date: Jun 22, 2018 Length: 34 Minutes Pics: 381