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Beauty and the Fuck Machine

Melyna, is a beautiful, very, very passable, brunette, tattooed, transexual wonder, with a killer, toned, taunt body. She begins this solo masturbation, fucking machine scene, teasingly sucking a large dildo, as she undresses, fondling her shapely bosoms, and jerking off her virile joy stick. Wanting it all, she lays down to fuck herself with the dildo, while continuing to stroke her steely shaft, occasionally savoring sucking her ass juice from the dildo. After teasingly jerking off, while the cameraman kneels at her feet, so that we can dream of begging to suck her savory sausage, she lays back to suck the faux prick of the Fuck 6000, our motorized fucking machine, as it slowly fucks her mouth, while working the dildo up her ass, to prepare it for the 6000. She then luxuriates in having the 6000 thrust it’s indefatigable prick up her ass, as she jerks off her tasty tool, while moaning euphorically. She then sits up defiantly starring into the camera, as she furiously jerks off her mouth watering stoney shaft, flexing her well muscled dancer’s legs, as she revels in the pleasure generated in her potent prick, moaning ecstatically, as she erupts, spewing her joy juice all over her leg, then stares at us seductively, as if daring us, to beg to lick her clean.

Release date: May 20, 2018 Length: 22 Minutes Pics: 133