Her Asshole is Plugged

Nathalia de Castro Apr 17, 2018

Nathalia is a passable pretty blonde tattooed transexual with a tanned, toned body, and a savory sausage. She begins this solo Fucking Machine scene, seductively stripping to reveal her awesome body, while fondling herself, and demonstrating her oral prowess on a large dildo, before shoving it up her sweet asshole, eliciting elated euphoric moans of ecstatic exultation. Sitting the dildo in a large planter, she plants her asshole on it, rhythmically bouncing her firm round ass onto it, as she jerks off moaning and crying out ecstatically. Moving on to the Fuck 6000, our mechanical marvel, she relishes sucking the fucking machine’s faux prick, as it slowly fucks her mouth, igniting her sluttish embers of desire. Greedy for more, she gets into doggie, moaning and squealing in hedonistic jubilation, as the 6000 relentlessly drills it’s cock deep inside her. Laying on her side, she frenetically jerks off her joy stick, as the 6000 pounds it’s cock into her with indefatigable thrusts, while she moans in rapture, until her huge demon cock erupts showering her belly with a fountain of creamy white cum

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