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Persuaded to Fuck

Graziella is a very passable raven-haired transsexual with model looks whose car won’t start. She calls for help, but, when the guy arrives, he can’t resist her beauty and takes into her condo’s bedroom to have his way with her. Throwing her on the bed, he strips her naked. Holding her head with arms pinned, he fucks her mouth. He uses her skirt to tie her wrists together, then sucks her fabulous dong. With her cock hard, he ravages her ass in missionary, fucking her with barbarous zeal. He gets her to suck her ass juice off of his dork before resuming his anal assault, pounding her in spoon. He re-ties her wrists around her legs so her knees are pulled to her face as he fucks her ass. Apparently this barbaric approach has aroused her despite her protests to the contrary as he now unties her so she can ride him in an anal reverse cowgirl, jerking off her potent prick as he fires his into her asshole with fury, spawning her explosive, orgasmic release as a fountain of goo spews from her dingus. He reties her wrists behind her legs to secure her in doggie, then gets her to suck his pud before he mercilessly pounds her ass like a junk yard dog until his own orgasmic release deposits a massive creampie that slowly oozes out of her hole. He leaves her tied up.

Release date: Apr 21, 2017 Length: 32 Minutes Pics: 476